Mission Statement

“To develop young people of great character and excellent water polo teams that maximize the full potential of each athlete.”

Vision Statement

“Athletes and coaches will contribute to a culture of high-level success through the portrayal of strong character and execution of sport and life skills. These abilities and character traits will be forged through hard work, communicated in relationships, and honed via daily modeling of exemplary character.”

Core Values

Constant Commitment to Greatness

A relentless pursuit towards greatness is an identifying trait of this club and is by far the most important core value. This looks like dedication to the details, emphasis on competitive greatness, a pursuit to improvement, and nonstop professional representation of the club by all involved. Grit, determination and dedication to being the best person and water polo player that one can be is vital to success at Pride.

Character Built by Trial

This reflects the hard work that is put into practices, games and trainings that leads to strong character. Hard work such as extra training, extra time watching film, and finding ways to get better. When one is resolved to succeed, they are focused, steadfast, and their minds are not easily changed. When this resolve is seen in ones focus on success and hard work, good character inevitably follows.

Development of Meaningful Relationships

Relationships are known to be one of the pillars of accomplishment throughout different types of organizations. Without relationships, there is no team, no higher goal, no long-lasting friendships, no meaningful impacts, and certainly no achievement. This intentional creation of relationships requires building skills such as communication, empathy, mutual respect, eye contact, good questions, and deep thought.

Pride Youth Water Polo Academy Roles

Parents: Spectator, Encourager, Friend and PARENT

Parents! Thank you so much for everything you do. We know that you love your child and so do we. We want to do the best we can to work with you to help your child become the best person and athlete that they can be. Remember, that in order for us to help you, you have to let us do our jobs as coaches and administrators. Let us do the coaching, it’s what you pay us to do. Let us worry about the subbing, tournament and game schedules, and doing the communicating during games. Feel free to reach out to us, but in private, not in group texts with other families, unless absolutely necessary. Thank you again! Remember that you are a parent, and you are good at it! Let us be good at coaching.

Coaches: Mentor, Teacher, Role Model and COACH

Coaches! Thank you for the endless extra hours that you put in. Thank you for caring as much as you do. Remember that our job is not just x’s and o’s. Show that you care by putting in time to create detailed and structured practice plans. Although we have to be good at this first dimension of coaching that has to do with skills and strategies, our biggest role is helping these young athletes become better people. We must model great behavior every day. We must find ways to build character into our athletes in games and practices. We must find ways to build meaningful relationships with athletes that are healthy, appropriate and long lasting. Most importantly, we must understand these roles and find ways to get better at them every day. Continue being a great coach and remember that you are a coach first. You need to respect the referees and allow them to do their job. Shake their hands before games and model the respect that we want to see in our athletes. Respect parents and shake their hands and let them know that you care about their athlete.

Referee: Rule Observer, Gamekeeper and REFEREE

Referees are not part of the staff at Pride, but we must remember that their job is very difficult. Parents and coaches, remember that they are the only people on a pool deck designated as a referee. Do not disrespect them at a game or tournament. You are constantly representing the Pride club and must do so with respect, dignity and understanding. Coaches, feel free to to talk to referees during games, but be respectful. Try to learn from these referees, some of them are very experienced and know the game well. Again, show respect to these people. It will help you more than you know. Also remember, the athletes are always watching you and they will duplicate your behavior in the future. Let the coaches coach, parents parent, and refs ref.