Scholarships & Financial Aid Application

A Message from the Pride Water Polo Academy Board of Directors:

The Pride Water Polo Academy seeks to develop each young athlete to make progress toward their full potential through high level coaching, individual skill development and team competition. These objectives not only require dedication and commitment from the young athlete as well as their family but also require financial resources to enable the Pride Water Polo Academy to provide opportunities. Scholarship and financial aid grants are not the mandate of the Pride Water Polo Academy but, are used to provide an opportunity to a young athlete who may otherwise miss exposure to the sport of water polo.

The Pride Water Polo Academy accepts applications for financial assistance but cannot guarantee that all requests for scholarship and financial aid grants will be accepted. Application for financial assistance must be submitted for each session as part of session registration and will be evaluated by the Board of Directors. All grants offered will be subject to several factors including but not limited to: demonstrated financial need, the commitment level of the athlete and family to assist the program as needed and the regular attendance and commitment level of the athlete. All grants will be applied to the session fees only and will not apply to any additional fees that are required for clothing, participation in tournaments and tournament travel. Subsequent session renewal of financial assistance will be the subject of a separate application and will not be guaranteed.

Thank you for your interest in Pride Water Polo Academy.

– Pride Water Polo Academy Board

Please submit the following information to us by email [email protected]:

  • Prior 2 year’s tax returns. (please black out ss# prior to submitting)
  • Current/recent paycheck stub supporting gross income of parents(s)
  • A recent copy of mortgage statement (if applicable)